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The Power of Perseverance

I have a topic that has been on my heart recently as I just came up on my 1-year anniversary of something that was very impactful in my life, and that topic is PERSEVERANCE.

As some of you know, I left my previous company a little over a year ago to pursue my passions & I started all new social platforms in order to do that. If you know anything about building a following of people who know, like, & trust you as I had been doing since 2009, starting over with ZERO followers was HARD! People had gotten to know me, my kids, my family, and were invested. But, through grit & strong PERSEVERANCE, I’m excited to say… I’m back, y'all! I can now reconnect with old friends on those platforms (don’t worry, my current platforms will still be active) and I can’t wait to catch up with all of you!


Definition of Perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


I recently shared with a coaching client of mine this…

In order to have perseverance and when following your heart you are going to have to be willing to step on the toes of other people. There is no rebellious behavior when you are pursuing the targeted purpose of your life. Your not wanting to step on someone else’s toes is you literally crushing your own toes. Read that again.

By following my own advice, I now have FREEDOM!

I encourage all of you to get off your own toes as well and follow your heart.



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