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Are you feeling unworthy?

Unfortunately, I see this all too often with my clients, & honestly, have even experienced it myself. In the world of the social media rat race, everyone showing the highlight reel of their life, & the constant pressures of today’s world, it’s really easy to feel discouraged, disappointed, & simply not enough.

I can tell you all day long that you are enough, but at the end of the day, moving past the feeling of discouragement, disappointment, & all of the things in between, is mostly an inside job.

I’m going to get really personal with you & give you some tips that I actually did myself to overcome a season of my life that I had zero control over. You see, at one point in time, I walked away from a very large income because I felt like it was the right thing to do for myself & my family.

I was no longer aligned with the opportunity, I was feeling stifled, & I honestly had more I wanted to do with my life. That was hard for a lot of people to understand, & for a very extensive amount of time following leaving that opportunity, I was blamed, I was targeted, & I was under lengthy contracts that changed my business game for longer than I can even explain.

Sidenote, this is not directed to anyone in particular or any organization in particular. I’m just stating the facts & sharing my experience during a season of discouragement, disappointment, & not feeling enough.

So, if you are in a season similar to this one, & maybe you feel very alone, I want to give you some personal action steps that helped me overcome this same season.

First off, I realized that no one else was coming to save me. This was the deck of cards that I had been dealt, & I had to make a plan of action to move forward. I could not dwell on the past, I could not think about the future, I had to fight for the day in front of me. Now, I’m not sure of your religion, but I also relied a lot on God during this time & leaning into your faith is always a good plan.

Secondly, I focused on one thing as far as business goes. Every day, or five days a week I should say, I focused on action steps that I needed to take to move my business forward. I did not get distracted. I made a schedule & I stuck to it. There was urgency in my belly that created the focus that I needed to move forward. If you don’t have that urgency, you might need to look at a different business opportunity or find your fire again - just making a suggestion.

Third, I said no to a few things. There were extracurricular activities that I had frequently done before, & I started to say no. For a season of my life, it was time to buckle down again & say no to the things that were not going to help me reach those goals I had set for myself. Saying no for season does not mean forever & honestly, it actually decreases clutter in your mind. I believe it was one of the true catalysts that helped me move forward. You don’t need to be getting on multiple zooms, multiple meet ups, & burning the candle at both ends to make other people happy. Say no to things that do not move you towards your goal.

Fourth, I took care of myself during this time. I took time off, I made a schedule that I could love & live with, I played with my kids, I dated my husband, & I practiced self-care BEFORE the burnout hit. Honestly, this season of my life gave me a chance to build the life that I truly wanted.

Fifth, & this is a big one, I blocked out a lot of noise. There were a lot of things being said about me, a lot of drama, falsehoods swirling, & stories being created, & I had to ignore a lot of things. I was under a commitment that you would not believe & I had to simply face the facts that everyone was not going to understand what I was doing or trying to accomplish. I simply had to ignore the noise of what was going on around me & only control what I could control. What people say about you, think about you, or feel about you is not in your control.

During this time, I also sought out two valuable sources of mentoring, a really good coach, & a really good friend. I’m not telling you not to have multiple people in your life that can pour into you at any given time, but I am telling you that you need to be wise on who you choose to allow to speak into your life during a season like this.

To be fair, there’s so much more that I could share with you on this topic, & I honestly felt very spirit led to speak this wisdom over your life today. If you, my friend, are feeling discouraged, disappointed, or not worthy…

You are not alone.

You are worthy.

& you have so much to look forward to.

Just win today.

Then go out and win tomorrow.

& so on.

You got this!



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