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No. 6 - Blog Series: Staci's Story

If you’ve been reading Staci’s story to this point, THANK YOU! As I’ve mentioned a handful of times before, she’s been an amazing client and it’s been a true honor to go through much of her experience with her.

This is when her story takes a turn…

One day, Staci realized she had been unhappy, stifled, and lacking joy in her business for far too long. She had thoughts of leaving her company numerous times but suppressed them just as many times. Yes, she had let fear take over.

What if I leave and don’t succeed?

What will people say about me?

What will the company do to me?

Staci began to Google, and YouTube, in an effort to gain information from other top leaders who had left their companies to see what she could learn about what the negative possibilities were. She was appalled. She tripped upon the Anti-MLM community and learned some things she sort of wished she hadn’t.

All of it sounded far too familiar.

She knew she had to get out if she wanted to live life on her terms, pursue her own path, and if she ever wanted to create any other income, she had no choice. Mentally, she began to make her plan. She had everything planned out from the date she would resign, to the process of how she would do it, and what was next.

Staci was prepared to make one of the biggest calculated decisions of her life and I was right there with her the entire way.

Now, allow me to interject with one thought here. I NEVER encourage someone to walk away from a business opportunity or income without giving said business their all. I encourage at least a 6-12 month period where you have changed things up, got into the right action, and put your head down to avoid noise and make it happen.

THAT is how you’ll have no regrets when you do take that leap.

Just like Staci.

So, the day finally came when she submitted her official resignation. She was anxious, curious, and yes, a little scared. She wasn’t at all sure what was next. She revealed she was leaving to a few solid friends in the company and also, to some of her downline that she had been working with for years.

After all, that was the right thing to do. Or so she thought…


If you are reading this, I have to ask... are you having questions about your current situation as Staci did? Are you letting fear take over and keep you stuck in a place of overwhelm and unhappiness. I hope you are starting to see that there is hope for YOU just like my client Staci.

Don't hesitate to hit REPLY or DM me @carol_hipps if you would like to share your story with me.

Thank you for joining me again! You don't want to miss next week's blog post as I wrap up Staci's story. I can't wait for you to see how it all ended.




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