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No. 3 - Blog Series: Staci's Story

By this time, I hope you are starting to really get into Staci’s story and I'm hopeful you are also starting to become curious about what is next for her. As I mentioned in the previous blog, this is where Staci’s story gets really exciting.

So, let’s pick up where we left off last week…


After Staci attended the meeting in the hotel meeting room, she was literally on fire from the inside out. She caught a glimpse as she listened to speaker after speaker of what her life could possibly look like in the future.

In her notebook, she wrote down her future goals... pay off debt, give back to the community, have a savings account for the first time in her life, be able to travel, and she even thought about what it would actually be like to leave her teaching career.

She began to fill her evenings with in-person events and three-way calls because that is what her upline, and friend, as well as all of the others who were leading the same business, were doing. Stacy quickly started running numbers that some of the people in the company had never seen. She was selling tons of products and having an incredible amount of teammates join her business.

The extra income started to roll in.

Just like she saw speakers in front of the room at the hotel meeting, one day, Staci was invited to speak on stage at a local event. She drove to the event after a long day of work, doing three-way calls in the car en route to the event, and stood in line to take her turn in sharing her story in front of a room of about 50 people.

Leading up to her turn, Staci felt like many of the stories were rehearsed, scripted, and that was just not her style at all. So, when the time came for her to step forward, the words began to flow with her story and how she got introduced to the product, as well as why she loved the product, and she truly let her words come straight from the heart.

At the end of the event, Staci was actually awarded for being at the top in customer sales as well as the top in recruiting from the entire organization. People from the room were crowding around her to ask her more questions, inquire how she was doing this, and take pictures with her.

It felt really strange to her to have the spotlight on her like that, but she was honored and knew this was just another step in the direction of her dreams. Staci was being invited to speak in front of rooms to train the other distributors & was frequently in living rooms presenting product and business information to friends and family of her customers and her downline.

Between her days as a teacher, trying to keep up with all of the other obligations in her life, and now all of the hours in the evenings and on weekends spent in her business, Staci began to get overwhelmed. She was definitely not quite in a position to leave her teaching job, but she knew something was going to have to shift, or she was going to burn out and have to make some decisions in regards to her personal life and career over the business.

Staci began to think back to how she was using social media to promote her t-shirt business and she got online to find out everything she could about her company’s comp plan. She was bound and determined to make this work for her and she was going to have to go rogue to do it.

She took out pen and paper and created her business and social media plan for the next month. At the next event that she was asked to speak, she shared how she did this. While she was excitedly giving all of the details in front of the room, and all of the guests were completely enthralled with what she was saying, she felt a glare from the side of the room where one of the leaders overseeing the event sat against the wall.

The leader stood up, and in front of everyone, she said, “Belly to belly is the only way to grow. So, you’re still doing three-way calls and your in-person events, too, right?” Staci all of a sudden felt hot, flushed, & pressured. This was actually not how she was running her business. In fact, she found a better way that fit her and her family's life with her business still growing by leaps and bounds.

Stay tuned for next week's blog post and hear how Staci mentally prepared herself for the negative backlash that she knew was going to come her way from some high-level leaders.


I hope you are enjoying Staci's story so far! I can't wait for you to read what happens next.

If you are relating to this story in any way I'd love for you to reach out and share your story with me. You can reach me in my DM's on IG @carol_hipps or email me at

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