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No. 2 - Blog Series: Staci's Story

Well, hopefully, I didn’t leave you hanging too much last week, y’all! I’m excited to pick up and share this portion of Staci’s story as I feel it is going to really resonate with some of you.

Through the years, I have worked with countless people from my direct sales downline, to hundreds of coaching clients in my business coaching programs, and for the most part, what I have seen is we simply all want more for our lives.


Staci had big dreams. That was undeniable. Once she got a taste of independent business ownership with her t-shirt business and began to earn some extra income, she knew the entrepreneur life was for her. One day, Staci was in the break room at the school where she worked and a friend opened up a packet and mixed it into her water.

Of course, Staci was curious. So, she asked the question, “What do you have there?” I won’t bore you with all the details of this interaction, or the details about how Staci fell in love with the product almost immediately, but what I will tell you is, that Staci’s mind started to race with the possibilities of the idea of a new business venture.

Just a couple of weeks later, Staci was feeling better than ever, she was keeping up with her students much better than before, was much more clear-headed, and she decided to give the business side of this product company a try. She had already been promoting her t-shirt business on Facebook and she decided she would go out and post a picture of her cup of energy she had been consuming for the last couple of weeks to see what interest happened.

The post blew up! Staci was almost immediately overwhelmed with the response. She was absolutely doing the best she could to keep up so she reached out to her friend who got her started in the business for advice. Once Staci explained to her friend, who was now her upline, that she had made a post on Facebook about the product, the friend immediately said, “We don’t do it that way.”

Staci was a little taken aback as she had been leading her t-shirt business online, for the most part, for a while at this point and social media seemed to be the way to go to build a business. She couldn’t imagine why her friend was telling her that she wasn’t doing it right. It seemed to be working already.

But, after her friend let her know that being coachable was the way she was able to create her level of success, Staci agreed to attend a training session in a local hotel meeting room to learn more about how she, too, could create success. After all, Staci had those massive dreams in her head, and in her heart, and she really wanted to do whatever it took to accomplish them.

On a Tuesday evening, after Staci had worked all day, she attended her first meeting for the company. Although she was tired, she had her pen and her notebook in hand and was ready to soak it all up. One of the top leaders opened up the meeting and really set the bar high as far as the energy that evening.

Staci was wide awake and ready to tackle the world after hearing that leader open the meeting! Then, person after person after person took the stage. Each person began to share how they left their former companies, they had walked away from jobs to become stay-at-home moms, they were paying off debt, they were living life on their terms.

She was determined that this would be her one day.

After that meeting, as tired as Staci was, she went right home, took out a big piece of paper, and started writing down her plan of action.


As a coach, to be honest, this is where Staci’s story really gets good. I love when someone gets inspired to take action, they take it upon themselves to write down a plan, and they get to work. At some point in Staci’s story, you will hear where I come in to play as a business coach for her.

But, for now, I do want to stop for a moment and say, if you are reading this story and feel stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, or you simply have a desire to grow and need a clear path, one of my coaching programs is for you! I have zero doubt about that.

If you want to have a quick chat, drop me a DM on IG or FB to connect or you can simply apply to work with me here and I’ll be in touch!



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