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Is it time to PIVOT?

Is it time to pivot?

This was the question I asked myself for a couple of years. Pivot was becoming a daily word in our house as it was on my mind so much.

Last month was an emotional yet huge month for us as a result of a pivot I made in March.

You might be asking, “What the heck happened last month, Carol?!”

Well, we went to Cabo for a week. I was sick for almost 3 weeks. We had two Thanksgiving events. We decorated our home for Christmas. We had countless basketball games. I had many awakenings and processed a lot of trauma. I even cried a few times! LOL

But, with the support of all friends, family, and my social media connections, we lacked less than the cost of a date night to double our business in 30 days! Yes, 30 DAYS!

Multiple rank advancements in our team. People 5 to 10x’ing their incomes.

👉NO zooms.

👉NO in-person meetings.

👉NO 3-way calls or calls at all.

👉MORE time!

👉MORE impact!

👉MORE income!

So, to the ONE reading this…


It IS possible to have more time with your family, and those that matter to you, DOING the things that you love, WHILE having an extremely successful business.

I am living proof!


But, it may require a pivot and others may not understand. You see, I have been pivoting all my life, but when it comes to business, I have never been a, “Because that’s the way we have always done it,” type of leader or business owner. I see an area of growth, an opportunity for innovation, and I LEAD. I challenge the status quo & bring in disruption in all the best ways.

This world is ever-changing and so is social media. If you want to lead, and grow, the business of your dreams, & the life of your dreams, it will require discomfort, innovation, and sometimes, a pivot. In the past, I have often wondered why God has placed me in the front to lead change, but I stopped questioning it over this past year.

Innovation is required, pivoting is sometimes necessary, & taking charge of your life is never a bad thing. What is on your mind when it comes to this topic? I would love to hear! Send me a DM on Instagram or a PM on Facebook messenger and let’s chat this out. Cannot wait to hear from you!




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