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From Tomboy to Makeup Lover

I was the biggest tomboy growing up, y’all! Like, wore my hair in a pony tail everyday kind of tomboy, no makeup, and clothes that were the most comfortable and sporty. I remember watching my mom put on makeup daily, and fix her hair, and it seemed to take forever! I was like, “I am NEVER doing this!” But, as I got older, about 17 years old, and had been super artsy my whole life, I started to take an interest in both hair and makeup. I literally almost went to cosmetology school. Over the years, I have fine tuned my makeup, especially my eyebrows, and have used a lot of products. As a busy, work from home mom of three girls, I also need simplicity! So, I’m all about that. I have used name brand, to store bought, cheap to more expensive. Today, I want to share my current morning routine that is totally store bought and super easy! I have discolored skin, in my opinion, and between the Maybelline 24 hour foundation and the concealer, the coverage is great!

I love the NYX Angel Veil primer. Soooooo smooth and it works great!! I am not a powder snob at all and picked up this Revlon powder once and have been pretty stuck on it. Love the matte look!! My eyebrows are my masterpiece and I have found the BEST and most inexpensive product that comes with a perfect, angled brush to apply. L’Oréal brow paste! It comes in a variety of colors and the paste is buildable. I love using the brush to give my inner brow the hombre look. Now, for contouring! I have used tons of contouring products, but this NYX kit is to die for and the highlight is legit! Once you contour, you’ll never go back!! The Covergirl blush is highly pigmented and goes on so smooth. Then I use a big powder brush to make sure all is blended well and I’m DONE! If I do apply eyeshadow, I currently use the Younique Addiction palettes. Also, I’m a gloss girl, but for a little lip color, I love this Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick. It is so pretty and smooth on your lips. Lastly, I finish with some inexpensive strip eyelashes from Kiss.

Now, for the hair. I love volume! Again, I’m not married to any hair products except for the Joico Hairshake for maximizing my teasing abilities. It is the BOMB! I use this Conair teasing comb and finish with the “It’s a 10” miracle finishing spray, and out the door I go. Mama’s, you deserve to feel great about yourself, with or without your makeup or hair done, but hopefully these quick tips, and store bought products, will help you no matter where you are in your makeup application and hair doing journey!


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