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Daily grind to entrepreneurial freedom

I first caught a glimmer of entrepreneurial life when I was about 20 years old. I flipped a house, very much on a budget, and sold it for a profit of $10,000. This was just a year before I

graduated nursing school. After that, I took a few years to settle into my career and then found myself not living that glamorous income life that I thought I would. After having my second daughter at 27 years old, and coming home from a two day stretch of work at the hospital to her being very sick, I had set my mind. I would find a way to earn income to not only provide a financial means of just being able to breathe, but to also find freedom in my time. This process took about 7 years, lots of

ups and downs, lots of failures, and many business ventures. In addition to working full time and raising two daughters at the time, I picked up photography on the side. I loved it, and did okay financially, but it didn’t feel like that purposeful endeavor I was searching for. Then, I opened the doors to a children’s boutique. I worked that business on my days off with a baby on my hip. Eventually, the doors to that closed, as well. I got involved in a couple of MLM adventures and found some decent income, but absolutely no joy. I was successful at all of these things to some extent, but it was not providing that freedom life I was eager to have. The quote, “I failed my way to success,” is totally me. I used each venture as a stepping stone to greatness.

Now, just over two years after finding my passion, and my purpose, we are top earners in our industry. We are leaders and mentors. Ryan and I have both left that daily grind life and are fully present parents. We travel all over the world. We enjoy life. We give back. My hope is that this story breathes life into you if you feel like you’d rather give up than persevere. If you feel like you have tried everything without success. Maybe you are experiencing failure right now. If you are, get ready for breakthrough, for on the other side of failure, could very well be your success.


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