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Are you freaking out about the newest changes to social media as we currently know it?

For a few years now, I have been studying social media, best practices on using it to build any online business, and how to create organic traction in this ever changing world. So many of my clients reach out to me and say, “No one is messaging me to ask about what I do.”

Let me shed some light on the real facts at hand. The day and age of people dropping in your inbox like white on rice as my mama would say is SO 2016, friend.

As an innovator, I saw the writing on the wall by 2018 and absolutely did something about it. I started teaching my team ways to organically build their business through social media working WITH the platform not allowing the platform to work against us.

Even when I met resistance for doing it. Who’s feeling the resistance now??

Anyway, my question to you is are you starting to wish you had saw the writing on the wall, too? Well, no worries. It’s not too late.

As a seasoned business mentor, I work with people in my coaching programs every day to learn how to do what I just mentioned. There is still very much a place for organic marketing if done well and it’s not that hard.

Here is what you need to know right now…

As I suspected, Facebook’s growth declined at the end of 2021 & it leveled out in the first part of 2022, but is still down as compared to the growth of TikTok. Hence, the recent changes to Instagram reels & the addition of reels to Facebook. Have you seen these things yet? All of this was in preparation for this NEW change effective this week & continuing to roll out over the coming weeks.

So, this leads me to believe (even though I dislike TikTok at times) that there is absolutely a space on that platform for online business owners to be seen & grow if you can abide by TikTok’s rules in regards to sales. TikTok was the first platform to mandate major rules in regards to direct sellers & they have a “no tolerance” policy, however, direct sellers are still spammy Tammy’s over there! LOL

Next, the feed on Facebook will now be customizable and also based on viewer preferences as well as Facebook recommendations. It is probably going to be controlled now more than ever meaning if you are unknowingly posting spammy, decreased value posts, these won’t be “chosen” to be in any feeds. Organic visibility of your posts, meaning the number of people who actually see them, has declined year over year and is now only at less than 6%.

Whatever is going to drive to, and keep people on, the platform longer will be prioritized. Again, nothing Earth shattering to me, but more of a reason you might want to wake up or get left behind. Listen, friend, I am not trying to scare you. I don’t practice FOMO leadership, but I do think since I have been speaking to these facts for a few years now, it is absolutely time for you to try something different that will actually work.

Social media is about to get more challenging than ever before…

Next, this is also where short form video, stories and reels, comes into play. Facebook is absolutely going to prioritize these forms of content. Learning how to create reels that don’t seem intimidating to you to start with is going to be of utmost importance. Putting your face on short videos in your stories will also be very important & should be on a list of your daily to do’s.

Bottom line, anyone posting the “old” way could be significantly frustrated in the next 3-6 months. Educating yourself on the right way to do video will be imperative. & engagement with others is going to need to be a priority more than ever before.

This is my two cents so far.

I’m a nerd about this stuff and putting the puzzle pieces together & cracking the code on figuring it all out fills my cup. Weird, I know, but it’s what makes me who I am as a business mentor.

Am I scared or worried about any of these things? Not at all. & here is why… I’m going back to the beginning of this blog post to remind you that I absolutely saw the writing on the wall a handful of years back and started creating a shift for myself, my team, and inadvertently my business coaching clients that I didn’t even know I would have.

Pretty cool how I was gifted those eye opening moments and I stepped out, figured it out, and now get the blessing to teach others these things without the stress involved in learning on your own.

Now, here’s the real question. Are you looking for a business mentor who takes pride in their work, knows exactly what you need to do, and has done it herself? Well, that’s me. I have several different options for coaching and I’m positive I would have something that would fit your needs!

Simply click this link to apply to work with me:

Or, feel free to drop me an Insta DM here:

or Facebook message me to connect:

Talk soon!




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