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5 Tips to Overcome Feeling Weird While Selling on Social Media

Did you know that selling has changed? Through the years, I’ve done a lot of studying in regard to social media & selling as I have had a social media based business off and on since 2009 & the way in which we sell has dramatically changed through the years.

Gone are the days where posting actually brings you hundreds of leads & countless people are dropping in to buy from you just because you posted a product photo. Why? Because social media has evolved & options for consumers have increased.

Over the last few weeks while working with my 1:1 coaching clients, the topic of conversations being “weird” has come up many times, so I wanted to hop in here & help you too, if you’re struggling with “selling,” with some tips to overcome this.

1. Recognize that you are, in fact, selling something. Online businesses are selling. PERIOD. The quicker you can come to terms that yes, you are selling, the better off you’re going to be. Why? Because that confidence actually contributes to the sale & you’re not hiding behind any facade. It’s clear you are selling - in your own mind & online.

2. Recognize that you are selling YOU. People partner with me all the time even though they may have seen what I offer from someone on TikTok first. Why? Because I focus on SERVICE & building the know, like, and trust factor. I confidently show my offers, educate people, and have conversations with them in messenger DAILY. If you do these things, they are going to go where they have trust. Trust me!

3. Recognize that it’s a noisy online world and that consumers have multiple resources at their fingertips. They are being bombarded daily with numerous choices online & are actually deleting the middle man (YOU) from their selling process. Here’s the cool thing about network marketing - if set up well, it is online shopping at its finest! How can YOU get back in there in this situation? Consistency. Post consistently, talk to people consistently, show up on video consistently.

4. Recognize SERVICE & SALES. Yes, I mentioned we are in sales, BUT when you position yourself as a service expert digging into conversation with people to discover their needs, concerns, or interests, you’ve just created a detailed picture of why they could benefit from what you have in one way, shape, or form. Service & sales ARE deeply connected. How do you position yourself as the service expert? It’s simple, ask more questions & send more tools than you talk.

5. Recognize that your ears are the best tool you have. Feeling understood is a basic human need - coming from the person who’s been misunderstood almost all my life. Active listening requires effort. It requires us to be intentional, open-minded, and dedicated to improving over time. You won’t become a rockstar listener today, but you can be better than you were yesterday!

This is honestly just scratching the surface of the service versus sales mindset. But, with this mindset shift, selling is not aggressive or opportunistic; it is part of a holistic approach to serving the full range of the customer’s needs! Start applying some of these things today and watch what happens!

I hope you have found these tips helpful!


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