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3 Tips for Creating Boundaries

I think NOW is a perfect time to start creating boundaries if you are feeling overwhelmed by your calendar and never-ending to-do list! I know this time of year is extra challenging as it's the holiday season + the end of another year, but boundaries can still be created and most times a must to keep your sanity.

I would like to share 3️⃣ simple tips with you today! My life changed a ton when I implemented these, so I want to share them with you in hopes they help you too.

1. TAKE TIME OFF! Like real time off. Trust me, this is hard for me, but I'm so much better for it. Put your phone down and leave the texts and messages for 24 hours. Do something you truly enjoy and come back to those messages the next day.

I used to work 16-hour days in my online business and I realized I was having to work so much because the system was seriously broken. Once I created new systems, I honestly got my time back. Once I figured out I actually didn’t have to work 16- hours a day and could still build, I craved time off more & more.

You CAN build a business while working strategically AND yes, taking time off.


2. CHOOSE YOUR OWN WAY OF LIFE. You get the power to live how you want to live. If you're killing it in business, but your spouse wants to stay at his/her job, they can stay. If you love your side income, but want to continue to work part time, do it. Create your own story.

I have zero regrets in the decisions I have made over the years in my business. Retiring myself, my husband, my mom, paying cash for home remodels and additions, as well as vehicles, etc., was SO worth the way of life we chose to live at the time.

But you don’t have to buy all the fancy cars, go into debt for the mansion you “feel” you need, or retire your spouse if that’s not what you want. Stand up for yourself and don’t be pushed into believing you have to do anything just because that’s how someone else has led their life. Work for YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.


3. SAY, “NO”. For some seasons, you'll need to say, “NO”. You don't have to go to every event, attend every training, or burn the candle at both ends to build your business. It is said you'll need to, but it's not true.

I remember the first time I ever said, “No.” I was actually still working as an RN, and I have held onto the lessons I learned from saying “no” since then. I've regularly applied this to my virtual businesses.

Being told you have to be on multiple trainings per week is simply so the numbers on the live training support the ego of the leader hosting the training. Sorry, it had to be said. Many times, the additional trainings don’t do anything for you.

Instead, my suggestion would be to find yourself a mentor outside of your company, who’s familiar with the industry, and has zero ego attached to whether you’re padding numbers on their training or not. Use your time wisely by only consuming trainings that give you actual tools to grow and that may not actually be inside your company, it may be outside your company. If you relate to this and would like to learn more about what I offer, click here.

Try these tips this week and let me know how it goes, my friend 💙


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