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3 Things to STOP Doing When Making Personal Connections!

One of the biggest things I see holding you back right now is a lack of personal connections in your DM’s 🤔

When I first start with a client, I review their DM’s and for a number of reasons, their conversations are usually flat-lined. I see anything from one-sided convos to ghosted messages. Sometimes, I even see a lack of conversations happening altogether 🤷🏻‍♀️

Here are a few tips if you’re reading this nodding your head that this is you...

1. ✋🏻STOP trying to do mass messaging. You’re going to get NOWHERE.

Why? Mass messaging is an action based on quantity. There is very little quality in sending out 200 messages and glorifying your teams, and possibly being glorified, for doing that. Trust me, I’ve been there and I realized very quickly that there was no way to build an actual relationship with 200 messages. It’s nothing but busy work.

DO THIS INSTEAD... Start by identifying ONE person today you’d like to get to know. Like, comment, and follow their account. Tomorrow, take a look at their stories and drop in their DM’s with a friendly story reply.

Why? Slowing down is a power move. If you are getting nowhere sending out mass messages or you feel like you’re getting no replies in your DM’s, start small and unlearn some of the practices you have learned through the years. If you are just getting started, great! You’re going to win with these tips.

2. ✋🏻 STOP thinking people KNOW what you do. They don’t.

Why? Even as a seasoned entrepreneur, I still get people who need clarity on what exactly I do. Think about it, we live in a world of fast-paced interactions and often, assumptions. It is totally up to us to explain in real words what we do while we are in private conversations with people in our DM’s. Next time someone asks you what you do, try out the audio feature. It’s magical!

DO THIS INSTEAD... Start TELLING people what you do and why you’re excited about it. Excitement & friendliness goes a long way.

Why? This one is pretty simple. Excitement is contagious! This is exactly why trying out the audio feature will win every time because people can HEAR the excitement in your voice and it’s extremely personal.

3. ✋🏻 STOP waiting on people to come to you. That’s so 2015.

Why? Sorry not sorry, my friend. If people are telling you and training you to just wait on people to come into your messenger or DM‘s, it’s not happening. The world of online business has exponentially grown and people are scared to death to even have personal conversations with people anymore because of the amount of salesy tactics that have been spread through the years. It’s time to stand up and do things differently. Show up in those DM’s and treat people really well, get to know them, and the sale will often naturally happen OR you’ve gained a new connection who will refer to you.

DO THIS INSTEAD... Start doing the above 4-5 days a week and ADD to the number of people you’re doing this with daily.

Why? Consistency overtime wins. Quality action steps will build your business to a much more stable position than any type of quantity action step you could ever take.

Relationship above all else. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes effort. But the outcome is MAGICAL! ✨

If you want to have this service taken off your plate, I’m your girl! Drop me a DM and let’s see if my new Lead Generation service is a fit for you!




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