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Team Building & Recruiting Toolkit

Team Building & Recruiting Toolkit

Team Building & Recruiting Toolkit

Do you want to become a leader in your network marketing business?


Would you like to grow a dream team of like-minded people who are excited to grow their business alongside you?


Are you ready to build a team and culture that people WANT to be a part of?


Then you're ready for my Team Building & Productivity Toolkit!


I will show you how to develop relationships, develop people, and develop systems that will have your business on the path to success.


These are the tools and techniques I've used to grow my network marketing teams and I'm excited to share them with you.


In my Team Building & Productivity Toolkit, you'll receive 6 downloadable PDF files, plus my step-by-step instructional videos explaining each document and how to use it.

  • Identifying Powerhouse Partners - Each month, the Identifying Powerhouse Partners worksheet will help you find new people to connect and partner with while making sure you do it in an authentic, non-salesy way.

  • Social Media Relationships - Instead of trying to connect with everyone, develop actual relationships with a few. Use the Social Media Relationships worksheet to help you narrow down your focus and track your interactions.

  • Hosting Weekly Accountability Meetings - To help the leaders on your team stay focused and consistent, use the Hosting Weekly Accountability Meetings worksheet to set up and host success team accountability meetings.

  • Team Group Checklist - Being part of a team should be fun! This Team Group Checklist will help you build and manage a successful page that's easy for your team to use and doesn't get boring or go stale. 

  • ATM Like a Boss - It's important to lead by example, and it's even more important the example is easy to follow. The ATM Like a Boss worksheet will show you how to implement the most duplicatable system in the network marketing industry.

  • Taprooting Done Right - The Taprooting Done Right worksheet will help you grow your team the right way, so you can create an environment that fosters collaboration, builds strong, deep lines of business while maintaining relationships and creating a deeply rooted and sustainable culture.


If you want to become a leader, grow a team, and create a culture others want to be a part of, download the Team Building & Recruiting Toolkit now!

Due to the nature of the content, no refunds will be issued.

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