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No. 5 - Blog Series: Staci's Story

As you can probably sense, Staci was clearly on her way to even more exponential growth in her business, her confidence, and her life. My goal with my clients is to help them live their best life and that is solely determined by what their definition of success and their best life is to them. Not someone else.

Staci was SUCH a hard worker and was determined to create her own path inside of her company, for her team, and the future teammates that deserved to build in a sustainable way. At the beginning of my coaching journey with Staci, she revealed all that she had been taught she needed to do in order to build her business along with what she was actually doing.

Staci shared with me some of the experiences she had, conversations she had been a part of, the extent of training she was expected to attend, and the lengthy list of business-building activities she and her team were being exposed to. I had definitely seen this song and dance before.


It's called... Toxic hustle culture. Ever heard of it?

Toxic hustle culture is the societal standard, most often seen in direct sales, that you must exert yourself at 110% capacity to succeed. Hustle culture is the collective drive to work harder, faster, and stronger. Every. Single. Day.

Hustle culture doesn’t take breaks.

Hustle culture doesn’t sleep.

Hustle culture works day in and day out, pushing to maximize all 1440 minutes every day.


You don’t stop when you’re tired; you stop when you’re done. But, let me be clear, you’ll never be done, my friend. Unless, like Staci, you break the mold.

Throughout all of this, you must embrace the facade that you absolutely LOVE what you do, no matter the pain it may cause, while behind the scenes, you don’t know how much longer you’ll be able to do it. All the while, you’re passing it on to all of your teammates.

You might be immersed in it at this very moment, and you had no idea until you laid your eyes on this blog. I’ve been there. Staci’s been there and chances are, you have been there, are there now, or will be in the future if you’re not careful.

So, back to Staci…

She entered into my coaching program beyond ready to fight this culture and she was fully prepared to do it alone. Truth be told, she was already on her way to tweaking her systems to support change. Our partnership solidified her confidence and gave her some crucial tools to continue to create the life she wanted.

She minimized training time. She began to offer everything to her team virtually. She developed modern social media practices that her team could duplicate.

She created systems that her team could build their business with from their cell phones. She put her head down and did not allow outside influence to derail her goals and even more magic started to happen!

During the course of us working together, Staci’s business grew by a whopping 92% in 6 months. She had her freedom and so did her team. Staci’s eyes started to open about possibilities, options, and next steps for her future. Her dreams began to exponentially grow inside her mind and heart.

Did you just read this blog and think to yourself for the first time, "THIS IS ME" or have you known you've been living the HUSTLE for quite some time? If this resonated with you, please hit reply or DM me on IG @carol_hipps. It doesn't matter if you just realized this, or you have lots of time behind you working in this fashion. I'd love to see if I can help you regain your life and let go of the "hustle culture".

Thank you for joining me again... until next week!




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