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No. 4 - Blog Series: Staci's Story

First off, I just want to pause and say thank you to all of you reading this story. As I mentioned before, Staci has been one of my favorite clients. I respect and admire her deeply for her courageous efforts and persistence in her business. To be honest, this is where Staci really starts to shine!

So, let’s get on with this.


Staci left the meeting feeling slightly confused and almost feeling as though she might cave to the pressure of what the other leaders were doing and telling her she “should” be doing. She began to contemplate in her head over and over what her next steps might be.

But, she kept going back to the simplicity of building her business on social media. It made all the sense in the world to continue to do what she had already been doing for years. With some minor tweaking of how she had done social media before, Staci felt like she would be able to replace her income and then some!

So, she went to work every day as a teacher, and came home every day and performed her mom duties while working her business in the nooks and crannies of her day using social media. Staci began to exponentially grow and everyone was taking note of who she was. She continued to be invited onto stages at local events and was even asked on the stage at the next corporate event in front of thousands of people.

Staci quickly replaced her teaching salary, went to the top rank in her company, and after a year of stabilizing her business, and evaluating what the next best move for her was, she left her teaching career behind and became a stay-at-home mom for the first time in her life. She was ecstatic!

But, with the extra hours she was now able to work her business, she actually started to feel overwhelmed with the extra pressures of growing a team. She felt like she was hiding in regards to the methods she was using to grow her business and wasn’t feeling as though she could truly be herself.

Many times, Staci would catch wind of conversations being had about her behind her back. Oftentimes, her upline would question her motives, question her actions, and would frequently tell her she wasn’t doing things according to the “system.” Anytime she did something out of the norm, especially if it was on social media, she would get texts from leaders asking her what she was doing.

Staci is the least dramatic person you’ll ever meet and she started to feel very caged to the point that she was even considering leaving the company to find something else. But, instead, she began to think of ways that she could take matters into her own hands. Basically, Staci planned to put her head down, avoid the dramatics that other people seemed to be throwing her way, and decided to take control of her own business.


So, throughout this blog, you may have been wondering how Staci & I met. Throughout her social media efforts, Staci actually came across one of my Instagram posts about my own story. She reached out to me and began to share with me her experience with her company thus far.

She shared with me that her desire was to have a streamlined, systematic business that was actually modernized and up to the standards of the current online business reality. Staci mentioned she was meeting a lot of resistance from leaders and even her own upline for some of the methods she was using.

When Staci asked if I was up to the challenge of taking her on as a client, knowing that all of this resistance was happening, I was, of course, all in and I got to work immediately uncovering what her current practices were, what she hoped and dreamed her business would look like in the future, and what living Staci’s best life truly was.

To be honest, I was extremely impressed with what Staci was already doing on her own. To know that she had met the resistance that she had and that she still put her head down and did the work to accomplish what she had accomplished was super impressive. And then, that she had taken enough initiative to compound her efforts by hiring me was next-level determination in my book.

For those of you not familiar with my 1:1 coaching levels, Staci had almost daily access to me. She could chat with me through an app called Voxer and we would do monthly strategy zooms. Every single session and every single conversation, Stacey‘s determination and persistence was very much apparent. I could sense her confidence starting to build that she could, in fact, do whatever she wanted to grow her business.

And she was already well on her way.

If Staci's story is starting to sound more and more like YOUR story please feel free to DM me @carol_hipps. I'd love to see if what I offer with 1:1 coaching and/or other services could also benefit you and your business as it has for Staci.

Until next week,

xo, Carol


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