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My Top 5 Social Media Myths to Leave Behind in 2022

Social media is simply my jam! From figuring out techniques to reach more people to debunking all the myths about social media, I’m your girl, friend!

Back in 2013, I remember standing in a room full of direct sellers, who were living on 3-way calls and in living rooms, training about selling on social media & I saw jaws drop across the room as I spoke. It was such a foreign concept & so many thought it was not duplicable back then until my business started to scale.

Since then, I have spent hours on end studying trends and innovation when it comes to building a brand, and a business, on social media & I teach, train, and mentor online business owners on how to scale while they sleep using these free, but slightly difficult to understand, platforms.

Despite the fact that data has proven the need for marketing innovation, some marketers will still hold onto extremely outdated practices simply because it's hard to keep up to date on what’s really going on in the social media world or they have an extreme fear of change.

All that being said, I have put together quite the list of social media myths for you! Let's dive into some social media myths we've all probably heard from uplines, sidelines, & friends in the industry and why you need to leave these old ways of thinking behind.

  1. My clients & customers aren't on social media. In 2021, over 3.7 billion people were active on social media. It seems like there's a social platform for everything and everyone. My biggest tip for anyone who hasn’t diversified their platforms yet is to spend 80% of your time on one platform and 20% of your time diving into a second one. My preferences are Facebook & Instagram; however, some people really love TikTok. Just don’t get distracted by too many platforms, creating busy work for yourself, & remember to repurpose content!

  2. You should only try to get fans and followers that will become customers. Quality is important, yes, but don't underestimate the power of a large social reach & remember that social media knows no distance. You are NOT limited to your local community! More fans and followers mean your name is likely to come out of their mouth at some point while pointing others to your service. If they have influence, their clout transfers to you by association. When they post about you, now THEIR audience is exposed to you & what you offer! Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't also target a specific audience on your social channels with your content and conversations! Get clear on who you help.

  3. You should only post content during the workweek. Everyone has a different lifestyle and schedule. While one person may post and network primarily during the week, another person may take this same level of action over a weekend. You do you!! Of course, it is helpful to pay attention to when you receive the most engagement and interaction from your social media friends & followers. Also, take note of when the most people are online when it comes to Facebook lives and messenger conversations. Just remember, this is not a one size fits all & with ever changing algorithms, it’s always best to take action when YOU are getting the most results.

  4. Social media is only about engaging conversation — and not a place to share branded content. It's not that conversations aren't important. They absolutely are! You just can’t ignore your friends & followers. Branded content nurtures your existing audience & helps your new audience get to know you, and your mission, quicker. If you post valuable content, it might not always stimulate conversation, but it could lead people to your website and products. Also, keep in mind that short form video such as IG & FB reels, video in your stories, & Live video are also all content, as well. There’s nothing better than you on video to create super fans!

  5. It's best to stick with the same social media strategies that have worked in the past. Oh, boy! I can get wound up about this topic! Haha. According to a recent survey of over 1,000 marketers, 80% of respondents said their company’s social media strategy would be changing from 2021 to 2022 – as it should! Social media platforms are constantly changing and recycling the same goals over and over could be doing your business a disservice. For example, in 2020, Instagram launched its Reels feature to give users a short-form video option similar to TikTok. By mid-2021, the platform announced Reels would be prioritized & pushed to wider audiences over basic image posts.

Here’s the bottom line, the social media strategies that worked in the past are most likely not effective today, and those of us who remain agile and ready to pivot may be in a better position to succeed in the ever-changing social media world!

Have you ever wished that someone would review your social media platforms and give you some pointers that could serve you and your business better in 2022? If so, be on the lookout for a new service coming your way, by me, Carol Hipps, your social media guru!

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