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My Story

I was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, population just over 3,000. I grew up in what I call, "the country," with one sibling, my twin sister, and two hard working parents. I started working at my mom's restaurant business when I was 14 and actually worked two part time jobs as a teenager as I moved out on my own when I was 17, as a Senior in high school. I went into nursing school at 18, graduated when I was 21, and went to work at a local hospital.

I had my first daughter a year later, a second daughter about five years later, then life took a bit of a turn for me. I moved to be closer to my mom and sister, took another job, and went through a divorce. At that time, life was not exactly how I envisioned, but I was grateful for my girls, and my career, and continued to press on. A few years later, I met, then married, the love of my life, Ryan, and had my third daughter. Yes! Three girls! During the pregnancy, I had a strong desire for change and presence in my life and resigned from nursing after 12 years with no idea what life without a "job" was going to look like. Together, Ryan and I just decided that we would make it work. I found purpose and joy in helping and serving others most of my life and missed it, but was not willing to give up my presence as a mom to return to the workforce so I became a coach and mentor to others who desire change in their lives. I love assisting others to live their best life and actually design their new life story! We bought, and are almost finished, remodeling a 1945 home that I am absolutely in love with. We have loved, and hated, this process, but the reward is that we are truly so close to seeing the completion after two years. My hobbies are decorating, listening to inspiring podcasts and videos, and of course, my girls, and spending time with family. Through ups and downs, I often say that I have failed my way to success. I look forward to sharing more of my journey with all of you!

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