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Lift Your Lid

As we are well into the New Year, I’ve been doing some heavy reflecting and really showing up in my life in such a way where my daily actions align with my future.

So many of us conform and live in a box in our lives. This box of what is “normal” versus what we truly desire. I lifted the lid on my life a few years back when I left nursing.

You may be thinking, “How is leaving a stable career lifting the lid off your life, Carol?” Well, I was capped on my income, my benefits weren’t that great, and I was spending 40 plus hours a week away from those who mattered most to me, my family.

Plus, is any career really stable? We hear of layoffs and downsizing all of the time and do these things ever come at a great time for YOUR family? Nope... Many times we have a very tight lid on our careers, our time, and ultimately, the quality of our life by continuing to stay in the box of what is considered “normal.”

Many years back, I challenged myself to try new things in entrepreneurship. I picked up photography on the side, opened up my own children’s boutique, and even got into a direct sales company a couple of times. These moments changed the trajectory of my future. Let me explain...

These experiences began to shift my beliefs. My beliefs that working for someone else in an employee/employer relationship was going to be my life. The belief that my children HAD to go to daycare. The belief that working outside the home was just “normal.” Oh, and let’s not forget the belief that any abundance of income was like a legit thing. My belief that barely getting by, living pay check to pay check, not taking more than one vacation per year, or traveling at all, and many other deep rooted beliefs were starting to wildly transform.

Three years ago, I left nursing. That’s when the lid on our lives was truly lifted. After six months of being a stay at home mom, I discovered the ability to earn income from home. Doing what I love, raising my own children, and the best part, teaching others to do the same.

So, you see, raising the lid off your own life starts with you and in your own head. Become curious as if you are a toddler again. Ask yourself, and even others, “Why?”

WHY is it that this is the “normal” way to live? WHY is it that this is the “normal” or “average” annual income? WHY, WHY, WHY? This word should become your first response to almost anything if you are interested in raising your own lid.

Create a new normal in your life. The best years of my life have been the last three. There’s literally no lid on anything we are looking to accomplish. I’ll be 37 in just a few days and how liberating it is to know that we have an abundance in our mentality, our time, our finances, AND the ability to give this same life to others.

So, as my birthday is approaching, I am celebrating freedom, abundance, and a life with no lid!

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