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Let's Start a New Trend!

I think we need to start a new trend where we make lots of money AND have tons of time for self-care.

I am an absolute believer that you don’t need to work 24/7 and be trapped in a hustle culture. Been there, done that, conquered it.

Years ago, I drove the wheels off of my car doing in home meetings & hotel training events. It’s what I thought I had to do to grow. When I got more into social media, and actually started speaking to it in front of these training rooms, I totally got the side eye from some of the older leaders. LOL.

Leave it to me, right? Haha!

I learned a long time ago that just because “that’s the way it’s always been done,” that certainly didn’t mean I needed to continue to do it that way as I was seeing a major shift in utilizing the online space and social media. So, I decided to take some training courses & hired my first coach so that I could expand my knowledge.

That’s when the game changed for me.



Y’all, it’s okay to spend your weekends watching Netflix or taking a stroll through Target at 10 am on a Thursday. With the right systems you can work smarter, not harder.

But, in order to make this happen, you need to learn from people who can model this for you.

This hustle culture may have worked 5 years ago, but it’s over & I’m onto bigger and better things. Innovation is key in this ever changing, fast paced, online business world.

If you’re using outdated systems that are not super-efficient to get info about your product, program, or service to your interested prospects, they are absolutely going to go to someone else that WILL give them the info at the click of a button.

I’ve grown with both old school practices & innovative practices. Here’s the truth…

I was exhausted, over worked, and burnt out with the old school way and my business did not allow for time off and I was the common denominator of success in my downline. It sucked, to be honest.

Once I decided fear wasn’t going to hold me back anymore, & I implemented systems of success that duplicated without my hand in it, my whole world opened up and I truly started to scale while I slept!

It’s a thing, y’all!

So, do you want to learn from someone who can help you BUILD & model BALANCE?

As, mentioned above, INNOVATION in your business is a must, but one thing will never change! Click the button below to find out what that ONE thing is in my private Facebook community where I went LIVE share examples specifically on this topic!

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