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How to Step Out & Start Your Own Business - Third Tip!

If you’ve made it this far in this blog series, thank you! If this is the first blog you’re having time to read, go check out the previous blogs in this series and get some inspo on how to step out & start your own business. Today, I’m going to be giving you the third tip in this blog series.

Keep in mind, I’ve launched multiple independent businesses from opening my own tanning salon in the back of my house at 19, to creating my own location and in studio photography business, to a storefront children’s boutique, to virtual business mentoring, and a whole lot in between.

If you see it behind your eyes, or it lives in your heart and mind, you CAN bring it to life. So, now that you’ve gotten clear on what your passions are, and you’ve made your plan, it’s time to follow through & execute.

Social media is one of THE most beneficial places to be when it comes to launching and scaling a business. But, using it correctly, gaining the most traction, and being seen in this crazy online world is hard as heck sometimes, right?? Trust me, I know.

I’ve been on social media promoting my brand, and businesses, since 2009. It has changed dramatically and staying up with the times is more difficult now than ever because there’s a coach, guru, or Insta-famous business owner on every corner and their way is the only way, didn’t you know? Lol.

The truth is, there ARE some best practices. But, the person behind the social media platform, YOU, is the difference maker. If you’re currently obsessing over every move you make, you’re feeling like you need to post more and more to be seen, and you’re spending all your time on content creation, STOP STRESSING!

It’s time for less stress & more strategy.


  1. Start by choosing your launch day. My preference is about 7 days out AFTER you have all your plans in place. Depending on your business type, you may need supplies, content images, videos, etc so be sure those things are collected prior to planning your launch. It won’t be perfect, trust me, and you will most likely run into a hiccup. That’s business launching for you!

  2. Once you have your launch day, create a 5-7 day social media launch plan. Each day, you’ll be putting out a piece of content, leading up to a live video launch of your new business. Your first day just needs to be curiosity about how hard you’ve been working on a project that means a lot to you and you cannot wait to share it with everyone! In between the first post, and the live video launch, you’ll need updates, and progress posts, through video, static posts, and story sneak peeks. I give my clients a specific, step-by-step guide on this, and this method works wonders!

  3. Once your launch day arrives, go LIVE! Be yourself, say you’re nervous if you are, and let people see that you didn’t do this perfectly, but you did it in spite of the nerves and fears because it means that much to you. People get behind, and support, passion! Tell your audience why you decided to do this, and what it means to you, and ask for their support, for them to share the video, and tag people. Create some hype, my friend!

For now, I think this is enough to create some movement in the right direction when it comes to stepping out & starting your own business! There are many more steps it could take to really make this successful, and as with anything, you’re going to have some curve balls, but take it from me, this bold move will be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done!

Want to learn more about how I can help you 1:1 with this? Just click the button below to learn more and let’s see if we can turn your talents & passions into a thriving business!


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