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How to Step Out & Start Your Own Business - Second Tip!

Last week, I gave you some homework, and most likely, if having your own business, launching that passion project, or pursuing that audacious dream is important to you, that homework got done. If it didn’t, maybe you’re just here to read what I have to say (thank you, if so) or you’re still unclear whether you have the desire to step out of your current reality and go for what you truly want.

If the latter is you, trust me, you’ll be so happy you went after it. If you don’t get where you want to go right out the gate, I bet you’ll get close no matter what. Giving up on something you want to create will only produce regrets in the future. Accomplishing a goal, big or small, is the next step in building your confidence that you can truly do anything you desire.

Now, let’s chat about the next actionable item in stepping out & starting your own business…


📒 Making your plan of attack.

I make a plan for EVERYTHING I ever do. Now, you may be saying, “Well, sure you do, Carol. You’re an Enneagram One. I’m over here flying by the seat of my pants daily. How can I do what you do?” Slow down a second, sister, and allow me to give you a bit of direction.

I didn’t say make your PERFECT plan. You just need to start somewhere.

  1. In your planning phase, this will include a brain dump first, most often on paper. Get in a quiet place, turn your fave music on, and let it flow. Just start writing anything that comes to mind about what you have discovered in regard to your passions & talents from your first step last week. Things you’re going to dump on paper can be anything from the name of your new business, to what makes you truly passionate about it, why you’d want to actively pursue it, and ideas about marketing, launching, and partners who can help bring your vision to life.

  2. Next up, do some research. I do this literally almost every day. Currently, I’m in the FREAKED OUT zone of researching a very audacious dream that I’m not even certain will all come together, but it won’t be for lack of effort. If I can do it time and time again, all you need to do is start! As far as research goes, I always go to my fave social platforms and search keywords to find anyone who might be already doing what I’m looking to do. This is NOT so you can just mimic what they are doing, but it is so you can get some creative energy flowing in the right direction! TikTok & Instagram are two of my fave platforms to research on. Google is also my bestie in this area!

  3. Lastly, connect with people in the same industry you are looking to dive into or with someone you trust. Maybe it is someone you came across in your research, a trusted friend, or someone you know has been successful in other areas. Either way, rubbing shoulders, even virtually, with someone who is a BIG thinker can make all the difference as you step out and go after what you really want!


Stay tuned for the last tip I share in this series with you next week! See you soon!

Want to learn more about how I can help you 1:1 with this? Just click the button below to learn more and let’s see if we can turn your talents & passions into a thriving business!


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