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Are you where you want to be?

Ask yourself if what you’re doing in your business TODAY is getting you closer to where you’d like to be tomorrow. If you’ve ever heard me talk about reaching goals in your business, you know that I recommend 90 day runs by reverse engineering the steps it will take to reach your goal. So, when I ask you if what you are doing TODAY is getting you closer to where you’d like to be tomorrow, you may need to do a quick check-in with yourself to see if you’re on the right track.

Keep reading, friends. I’m about to give you some PERSPECTIVE that will help you while you’re on the road to reaching your goals.

I know there are a lot of people who will teach you to “do it for your future self,” “work now for what you want later,” & “give up the good for the great.”

But, I’m a perspective giver and truth teller & perspectives are neither good or bad. They are simply molded by past experiences & everyone has unique perspectives, right?

  • So, what if you showed up for yourself TODAY instead of your FUTURE self? You see, if you show up daily as your best self right now, your future self will most definitely thank you, right?

  • And what if you work now for what you want now? In my perspective, if you focus on later, the later may never come. Now, this doesn’t mean everything you want will show up at your doorstep tomorrow Throw a little patience on this and your work NOW will add up big time LATER.

  • Lastly, who has heard the infamous, “give up the good for the great?” Now, don’t get me wrong, Rockefeller seemed like a pretty great guy according to history, but he passed away 85 years ago. So, my perspective, after living it, breathing it, & making it happen, is that “good” & “great” are just a matter of perspective.

Times change.

People change.

Perspectives change.

Over the past 11+ months I’ve had time to reflect on the past, gain new PERSPECTIVE, and move forward in my business with much needed balance based on how I see things today. So, I’m just over here keeping it real & throwing out perspectives that I hope encourage you today!

Friends, things are about to ramp up… so stay tuned as later this month you will know exactly what I’ve been up to and how it will directly benefit YOU!




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