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Are You Creating a Business That Can Run Without You? Tip #4!

It's time to share the last tip with you of the blog series, Are you creating a business that can run without you? I hope you enjoyed the first few tips so far but if you missed them here you go 👇

TIP #1:

Create valuable, real content & authentic connections that create trust and allow people to come into your world.

Long gone are the days you should be posting the same things daily. It’s time to tell stories, get real with people, and call it what it is. You, my friend, are in service AND sales if you’re building any sort of business where money is exchanged. Stop hiding behind spammy messaging and start using your own language, not someone else’s. Yes, copy & paste duplicates, but nothing duplicates better than truly being yourself and owning your story, sharing why you’re doing what you’re doing, and educating people on why they should choose you in the sea of online business owners. People don’t want copy & paste. They are deciding in 10 seconds if they even like you, much less would want to partner with you in any way. If they can’t even get into your world, how do you expect them to ever reach out to you?


TIP #2:

Create available resources such as videos, PDFs, Facebook groups, & Instagram highlight systems so that when someone comes to your page, they immediately have access to at least some info about you, your story, & what you do.

Gone are the days when most people want to get on a phone call to hear what you do. They can go to the next person and get easy, quick info that allows them to make a choice without pressure. People want a personal interaction with the ability to leverage time to think about their decision. If you have a simple exposure process, that’s where the magic happens, and pro tip: you won’t be dragging as many people to join your team if you show them how easy it is from the start. So, if you’re not getting off the phone & zoom and becoming an active participant in your own life yet, it’s time.


TIP #3:

Create leveraged systems.

This is when my world changed. If YOU are the only way a potential client, customer, or teammate can get info about their next step, you have a major issue on your hands. You’ll quickly burn out, lose your passion, and be ready to throw your hands up because you aren’t growing. You might be there right now, my friend. Leveraged systems including having a well set up ATM (Add-Tag-Message) group as well as a team page with guides that do just that… GUIDE people to the info they need whether you are handing it to them or not… are a must have. Handholding & personality-based methods are long gone and will be a recipe for losing half your business, if not more, in the near future. There’s a big difference between enabling and empowering and a leveraged system empowers your clients, customers, and teammates to be the leaders in their own life. Your mentorship just becomes an awesome perk!


TIP #4:

Create team collaboration.

Creating a collaborative culture within your team where everyone has the ability to work together in some way, help each other out, and mastermind WILL absolutely change the trajectory of your business. Something as simple as a group chat where your teammates can ask questions is a game changer. I mean, do you REALLY need to be the one answering when the next team training is?? No, you don’t. Allow your team to feed off each other’s energy (of course, negativity is not welcomed and that requires good posture), but you’d be shocked at how much growth can happen when your team rubs shoulders just a bit.


I hope you enjoyed this blog series and are able to put the tips I shared this month into practice. Want more of my knowledge & expertise? Click the button below to learn more about my coaching programs. I have a few different levels to fit any budget!

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