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A peek into my new blog series!

In my history of being in the people industry, waitress, RN, direct sales leader, business owner, & my final resting place (I think) as a business mentor, I have had the absolute honor of meeting multiple incredible people all with the most amazingly unique stories.

One thing God gifted me with was the ability to listen well. I have found myself getting caught up in each individual story of every person I have ever encountered over the years. Whether it be a patient I took care of over the course of 12 hours, or sometimes days, a person dropping in my DMs to share something about their life with me, or a client I am directly mentoring in one of my coaching programs, the stories of someone else have always had me in a state of wonder.

Being a generally curious person has blessed me over the years & being someone who never leads with assumptions, I ask a ton of questions in my conversations. This, in and of itself, has led me to uncover the magic of human interaction and storytelling. Although I may not tell the story of someone else perfectly, I usually tell a pretty accurate depiction.

I also love to write. So many times, on social media, I can’t get all that is in my head, & in my heart, out like I really want to. Blogging was one of the first things I began to do on my website as a means to inspire, encourage, and also, to selfishly have an outlet where I could pour out my thoughts & opinions about my own personal experiences. Through this, I feel I have impacted the lives of many.

It’s time to share a story that has been quieted far too long. A story of a client who has forever changed my perspective of so many things including honoring yourself above all else, going against the grain when it matters the most, & absolutely keeping your head down when the most insane, “out of your control,” obstacles come your way.

This story will be the most impressive story of grit, tenacity, and truth that you will probably ever read. It will be extremely real, vulnerable, & absolutely awe inspiring. I cannot promise that you won’t be on the edge of your seat while reading this & I will absolutely guarantee you that you’ll be inspired beyond your wildest imagination to go after the dreams that have sat dormant far too long.

So, without further delay, & with permission from my amazing client, Staci, I invite you to stay tuned for the first blog in my series titled, “The Grand Escape: A Tale of the Most Epic MLM Exit in History.” See you right here next week!




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