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3 Tips for Holiday Marketing

3 Tips for Holiday Marketing by Carol Hipps, Business Coach

I don't know if you've ever felt this way, but I remember burning the candle at both ends to grow my business. It was EXHAUSTING! Multiple zooms, phone calls, trainings, and hustle mode activities on the daily had me completely burnt out.

Until I figured out a different way and my life changed! I figured it out all on my own. Strategy is my expertise, y’all. With that said, I'd like to share 3 tips that you can implement on the daily to help you from feeling burnt out especially during the holiday season!


With all the holiday deals almost everyone is throwing in the feed, be strategic with yours. I don’t recommend exhausting yourself with content creation, but rather, make sure 2-3 posts a week are about the pain point your product or offer serves during this holiday season.


When you buy from someone, it’s because you like them, right? Most people rush into a convo with someone either trying to make a sale OR they never share what they do with those they are talking to. Finding a happy medium is key!


A plan is key at any time, but knowing you want to enjoy family time, while still having a strategic plan to work your business, is crucial. When you have online shopping to do, kids home from school, etc., knowing exactly what to do in the next month of holiday celebrations will directly impact how you set up your 2023.

I know, I can hear you now... "But Carol, HOW do I make a meaningful relationship on social media? HOW can I plan when I am so overwhelmed and not sure where to even begin?"

Don't worry friend, I got you!

I just created an amazing tool that will help you over the holiday season to implement all 3 tips shared above! Yep, that's right! I'm sharing my BEST daily practices with you in my

Tis' the Season 4-Week Challenge. It's a 15-page document that teaches you my 3 C's Strategy of Content, Connections & Conversions, as well as weekly charts with the tasks to complete each day. I promise if you utilize this challenge, you will be so glad you did when 2023 rolls around. Are you ready to get started? And the best part is... this challenge is valued at $97, but I am offering it to you for just $27!

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!



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