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3 Tips for Creating Content That Attracts!

Let me ask you... are you staring at your phone daily trying to create content, but you have no idea what you should be posting? Your story views are in the gutter and your reels are tanking? Join the club! But, listen, you are not alone…

I work with clients every day who are experiencing the same thing. No one is reaching out to them asking about their offer, they are organically reaching far less people than ever before, and let’s be real, these social platforms are crazy crowded now 🤷🏻‍♀️

Here’s what I can tell you to do without a doubt…

1. Create captions in your own words. When I write a caption, I want my friends & followers to literally read it in my voice. Yep, I know you’ve got a southern accent on right now.

  • Why this is important? Scroll-stopping storytelling captions are important to connect with our audience. Does it take more time? Yes, it absolutely does, but our personal experiences and our story are exactly why people stop, land on our page, and connect with us. If you are being yourself online, people can tell if a caption is just some cut-and-dry, copy-and-paste caption or if it’s truly something you wrote.

2. Use real photos of you & your life. I know graphics are pretty and yes, I use them, but now, more than ever, people want to truly know YOU, the person behind the profile.

  • Why this is important? These types of photos are the photos that hands-down get the most engagement. That means more people are seeing your content. There’s nothing less relatable than fake pictures that do not share who you are as a person, what your real life is like, and that create a connection with someone visually. People are looking for real, authentic relationships with actual people now more than ever.

3. Connect, connect, connect. In order to GET, you must first GIVE. You better believe I drop in DM’s daily. I want to get to know others. Learn about their life. Hear about their business. No matter the outcome and you should, too.

  • Why this is important? Long gone are the days where people are dropping into your DM’s to buy your product, program, or service. It’s unfortunate but true and I’m here to reveal the truth so that you can move forward in your business. The key to success is truly having authentic conversations with people in private. Not trying to sell to them, but trying to get to know them in a genuine, authentic way. We do not see enough of this in business today and people are getting spammy messages and links in their DM’s all day long. Showing up differently in your DM’s with your friends and followers will make all the difference in the world. When someone doesn’t feel like they’re being spammed or sold to, they are far more likely to buy from you.

Try these few things out and if you want my best strategy for growth, snag my freebie at the link in my bio @carol_hipps. Even better, if you want a lead generation specialist to bring your ideal clients and customers straight to your DM’s, hit me up. I have an agency for that!


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