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3 Things You MUST DO in 2023

This is a long but good one y'all!

I’ve literally had so many conversations with so many people in the online business world recently who are scared for their business right now.

They aren’t growing at all, or they have taken a massive hit this year. 😮

My question to you is what are you going to do differently in 2023? It’s insanity for you to even consider doing the same things over & over in your business that have not produced results. If you keep taking the same actions, you’ll get the same results.

Fear of change is keeping you stuck & definitely not helping you produce results now, or in the future, in your business. You’re getting further away from your goals & dreams and it's truly time to STAND UP and take a STRATEGIC stand in order to truly grow in 2023.

The online business world has grown dramatically. There are literally millions of online business owners and social media marketing has become extremely crowded. Things are absolutely not the same since I started my first online business in 2009. It’s progressively gotten harder & harder and your outdated practices are producing less & less.

Here are a few things I know are absolute must do’s for 2023:


You’re going to need a strategic content strategy. This does NOT mean posting like it’s 2016 or trying to post more & more to reach more. This means educating your audience in your niche, showing up like a professional with a less is more mentality, and using the tools and resources these platforms are pushing us to. Content is a very important starting block in your business and making sure you’re doing what it takes to work WITH these social platforms in 2023 is going to be crucial.


You’re going to need to build relationships in the DM’s and FB messenger. If you’ve fallen prey to the myth that you can build with content only and have people coming to you in droves, it’s time to wake up or 2023 will look a lot worse than 2022. Actively engaging with people without spammy tactics is crucial! People are extremely wise to the online business world and their outdated practices. I see posts about it all the time! In order to grow you need to figure out how to actually talk to people, build trust, create referral advocates, and ask your audience if they're open to taking a look at your product, program, or service. If you don’t, you’re not going anywhere in your online business unless you are some unicorn.


You’re going to have to learn to sell your product, program, or service in IG DM's & FB messenger. People are looking for professional, quick, service-based info that gets to the point. They already know all the overused sales tactics and it’s time to move on, my friend. Many people believe selling this way is spammy & non-relational. Absolute false info. What has become spammy & non-relational is the old model of withholding info until your friend or family members take their precious time, and yours, to get on a phone call to only find out they have already tried what you’re selling or it’s not something they are interested in. Yes, sales calls sell, but the world has shifted. It’s time to use your resources and make this super simple for yourself, your team, & most importantly, your prospective client or customer.

Now that you've had a chance to take all of this information in, I want to ask you again… what are you going to do differently in 2023?

Could you use some help with this along with expanding your business in 2023? If so click the link below. We can connect and see if what I have to offer would be a good fit for you. The BEST part is that you can now SAVE up to 30%... but only through 12/31.


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