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Pace Setters Society

My most exclusive and private one-on-one coaching for serious business owners

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If you're looking to increase your income, make a bigger impact in the world, and find more balance in your life, you might be a Pace Setter!

In this one-on-one coaching program, you and I will work together to develop the right tools, systems, and strategies to move you forward in both life and business.

We will have in-depth monthly strategy calls, along with regular check-ins through Voxer.

I want to help you avoid burnout and teach you the methods it took me years to learn!


In my Pace Setters Society, you'll receive:

  • One private 30-minute coaching call per month for strategizing and planning

  • Regular communication throughout the month via Voxer

  • Free access to the Scale While You Sleep private community with resources, tools & training

  • Personal tools, tips, and resources

If you're ready to build your team, maximize your time and efforts, and create duplicatable processes that keep you from burning out, I encourage you to apply for the Pace Setters Society!

*If accepted, this program requires a 6-month time and financial commitment.

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