Hey y'all, I'm Carol Hipps!

I help business owners grow, go next level with 1:1 business coaching, and inspire them to take massive action.

Balance Your Biz & Life

Business coaching is my jam! I love nothing more than to help business owners grow, go next level, inspire them to take action, but also to find a balance between business & life. You CAN have a thriving business and healthy family life with the strategies I teach. Just click to learn more about what I offer!


Meet Carol Hipps

Born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, I had big dreams for my future. My parents were extremely hard-working and taught me what it meant to work for everything. In my early 20’s, I went to nursing school, but shortly after starting my career, I realized I had a strong desire for more time, income, and knew nursing may not be my long term solution.

Insert my first business venture in 2009, an on-the-go photography business, and shortly after a brick and mortar children’s boutique. Before most people were building their business through social media, I was! I was beginning to reach more and more people and found my first network marketing company through a friend in 2013.


My nursing profession and desire to help others collided with my dream to be a fully present mom, with time, income, and location freedom. After creating my first 6 figure income in one year, I was on fire for helping others do the same!


So, when I say that I know exactly how you feel, intensely desiring more for your future, I truly do. If I can do it, so can you!

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